Meet the Characters in the Estuary (from the children's book "Norman the Prawn")

A picture of Tilly the turtle, a character from the children's book

            Tilly (the Turtle)

           Lives:      In the roots of the mangroves
           Age:        1 year
           Friends:   Norman, Catfish, Mudcrab
           Hobbies:  Playing, eating seagrass
           Dislikes:  The deep ocean

A picture of Norman the Prawn as his alter ego

               Norman (the Prawn)

             Lives:      In the roots of the mangroves
             Age:        8 weeks
             Friends:  Tilly, Catfish, Mudcrab
             Hobbies:  Rapping, swimming
             Dislikes:   Long Tom

A picture of Barri the Barramundi, a big fish character from the children's book

            Barri (the Barramundi)

          Lives:      Around the Estuary
          Age:        5 years
          Friends:  Norman, Tilly, Catfish, Mudcrab
          Hobbies: Jumping, swimming
          Dislikes:  Boats

A picture of a slimy Catfish, a character from the children's book


             Lives:       Near the mangroves
             Age:         2 years
             Friends:   Norman, Tilly
             Hobbies:  Diving, eating rotten meat
             Dislikes:   Running out of interesting food

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