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About the "Norman the Prawn" Books

"Norman the Prawn" was written in 2013 in the town of Maryborough in Queensland, Australia.

The idea for the story came after Maryborough had been through its fourth flood in only three years.  The floods also swept through other small towns near Maryborough, including where Norman lives at Tuan Creek near Fraser Island.  Norman and his friends, Tilly, Catfish, Barri and Mudcrab, live in an Estuary in the creek.

The second book "Norman the Prawn: Back to the Deep Ocean", was written in 2016.  This time, the idea for the story came after an earthquake struck under the ocean near Fraser Island in 2015.

The third book,  "Norman the Prawn: Forever Friends", was written in 2019.  This story was simply to convey messages about friendships - about old and new friends, and the lessons they can teach us.

What is an Estuary?

An Estuary is like a community of sea creatures, in a muddy river or creek which joins the ocean. There is a mixture of both freshwater and saltwater in the Estuary, and usually lots of mangrove trees. 

What happens to creatures when it floods?

When it floods, sometimes animals on land and sea, have to leave their homes to find safer, higher ground, away from the flooding waters.

When the flood waters are very strong, creatures that live in rivers and creeks, such as turtles, prawns, crabs and fish, can get swept away from their homes.  Most river creatures find their way back, but sometimes their homes have been changed by the flood waters, and it is no longer safe for them to live there. 

The reason why it can become unsafe for them, is because some creatures need the saltwater to live in (while others need the freshwater to live in).  When it floods, a lot of fresh rain water falls into the Estuary, and this can dilute the saltwater too much and those creatures that need the saltwater, have to find another part of the sea to live in.

What happens when an earthquake occurs under the water?

When an earthquake happens under the water, it can still cause movement and vibration, and damage to sea life and plant life.

It is sometimes thought that some ocean creatures can sense when an earthquake is going to happen, and they flee the area before it strikes.


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