Norman the Prawn

Norman is a little Australian river prawn, struggling with an identity crisis.  He is washed out by flood into the Deep Ocean, along with other river creatures.

Together, they encounter dangers and meet new ocean creatures as they search for their beloved home in the Estuary.

Norman the Prawn: Back to the Deep Ocean

Norman bursts into another adventure as he returns to the Deep Ocean to meet the Queen. But when he gets there, he finds that she is trapped under the rubble of her collapsed Coral Palace.

Hearing of his earlier bravery, the ocean creatures turn to Norman to save the Queen. Norman wants to help, but he is small and afraid – what can he do?

Norman the Prawn: Forever Friends

Hyped up with self-importance, from another heroic adventure, Norman shuns his old mates and decides to stay in the Deep Ocean, where he is lavished with attention from the Deep Ocean creatures.

When the shine of his new life fades, Norman struggles with his place in the world, and decides to travel back to the Estuary all by himself.  But on the way back, an old enemy rears his ugly head again.


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